Founder and Director – Rupinder Kaur

Hi I’m Rupinder Kaur. I am the founder of Azaad Arts. You may know me as a poet, writer, performer and creative curator. I decided to create Azaad Arts as I wanted to bring South Asian languages and arts together. Azaad for me is a feeling of liberation, a feeling of freedom and for me art is the liberation of my soul. I feel art enables you to see things differently, it allows you to feel, it allows you to express and explore your individuality through whatever that medium may be.

Language is also very important in my work as South Asian Languages such as Panjabi for example are looked down upon as a rude language when this language in fact has such a rich history of literature which will be presented and explored with Azaad Arts. My creative work often explores language, identity and gender narratives which something I hope to carry forward with different forms such as literature, film and theatre. I look forward to beginning 2020 with Azaad Arts.

Co Artistic Director – Jappy

Hey I am JAPPY! I am the Co Artistic director of Azaad Arts and Im so excited to bring my expressions alive through film and theatre. The Arts are pretty much a part of me since the day I was born. I’ve always loved performing and telling stories. I am currently an ameature photographer but I prefer to call myself an artist. I take mainly photos of nature and people in a storytelling way. Art gives me the freedom of expression to express my souls thoughts and feelings.
I went through a brief period of blocking the creator in me only for it to land in my path again all thanks to Vaheguru. It made me realise that art makes up who I am and I can’t escape from who I am. Creating art makes me feel azaad it gives me the platform to express my soul, it’s emotions and my identity. Art is a powerful platform to inform, engage and change perspectives. I’m excited to be a part of azaad arts because it’s a platform for south Asian stories to flourish and a platform for our ma boli (south Asian languages) to be heard and promoted.